Roller Drama is a mix of many genres with hand-drawn visuals

Roller Drama won't have any publisher. Maybe it's because the game has more to give than any other project out there.

Roller Drama is a manager simulator game where you manage a roller derby team, consisting of 5 girls. You will deal not only with their professional lives, but also with their personal issues. They will compete with others, make friends, and even fall in love. Apart from the visual novel type of narrative, the devs promise real-time roller derby competitions. But Roller Drama is not about sport, as it serves only as a setting for the story.

Roller Drama is set in a dystopian city where people can buy luxury houses, although there might be surveillance cameras to look after them. But don't expect grim faces or black and white style — the game is hand-drawn with various colors in mind.

Roller Drama will be released on smartphones, PC, and consoles in early 2023. Players should expect more than 100 story turns, making every choice count. There are chats between characters, puzzles to solve and matches to be played. All of this will influence outcomes and relationships.

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IOS, Android

Roller Drama

Will be released in 2023
Oct 1, 2022

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