Roguelike game Unhappy Raccoon to enter beta test soon

The game is from XD Entertainment, the publisher for Torchlight: Infinite. Come to think of it, the two projects have much in common.

Unhappy Raccoon is a new slasher on the playground. The TapTap exclusive is now in pre-registration phase, although the devs have promised to bring a new beta test «pretty soon». There are no exact dates for now, but we already expect English language out of the box.

XD Entertainment promises gameplay that suits two types of players — hardcore and casual ones. The publisher says that although the game looks fun and shiny outside, it will test your skills if you really push it.

Apart from its slasher elements, Unhappy Raccoon also draws inspiration from roguelikes. This approach shines through videos of previous beta tests. We can see the character slashing its way through waves of enemies, using AoE skills and opening chests for gold and experience. This, in turn, levels you up and gives one out of three perks or buffs.

Although XD Entertainment is a well-known Asian publisher, the dev team is actually pretty small. If the description of the game is to be believed, we will get only two characters after an official release.

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IOS, Android

Unhappy Raccoon

Released on Oct 10, 2022
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