Rogue Company Elite is up until Sunday

Rogue Company Elite is going through a technical testing with minor and medium changes to it.

Rogue Company Elite is a mobile game where players are split into 2 teams. They have to choose a unique Rogue (Operator) and fight it out on small maps. Right now, you can install Rogue Company Elite on Android and play it until October 23rd. Make sure you have a Google account that is set up for the United States, or there will be an error.

From now on, you can upgrade and level up characters in Rogue Company Elite. This is done via 3 elements. The first one is called Renown. It is earned via Supply Drops and used to upgrade a Rogue's Tier. It unlocks new ability upgrades, additional perk slots, and Specialist Perks. You get Supply Drops for each completed match during the test. It means that after the official launch of Rogue Company Elite, everything might get changed.

The second element is called Reputation. It's also earned via Supply Drops, and can be used to unlock a new Rogue Tier. Reputation is not specific to any Rogue. The third element is Experience. You earn eat for every match, and it is unique to each individual Rogue. You need Experience to level up and unlock rewards.

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IOS, Android

Rogue Company Elite

Will be released in 2023
Dec 23, 2022

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