Rocksmith+ will be a cross-platform app for smartphones and PC

Rocksmith+ is set for release in 2022. It will be a replacement for Rocksmith 2014.

Rocksmith+ is a new app that helps you learn how to play guitar at beginner and intermediate levels. It's a musical game where you can use your phone as a tuner, microphone, or even a stand-alone guitar learning center. The release version will have 5 000 songs, with new being added in future updates. Moreover, gamers can add tabs to licensed songs in the Rocksmith+ library.

One of the great advantages of Rocksmith+ is the adaptive difficulty. It means the game will remember what guitar techniques you already know and will apply them to every song in the playlist. So you don't need to start learning every track 'from scratch'. Although, if the game sees you struggling, it will lower the difficulty.

The official website for Rocksmith+ says that the iOS and Android versions will support stand-alone features, meaning you don't have to own a copy on PC. But if you do, you can still use your smartphone or tablet as a microphone. What we know, is that Rocksmith+ will be a subscription service.

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Will be released in 2022
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