Road Redemption Mobile is a spiritual successor to Road Rash

Road Redemption Mobile will come out on iOS, Android, and iPad.

Road Redemption Mobile is a game for PC that will be ported to smartphones. For now, you can pre-register via the official website or App Store. Your main goal is to come first to the finish line, and beat your enemies down the road with different weapons. The story tells a story about a biker (you), who is the leader that needs to ride across the US, earn money, and win racing matches.

As you progress in Road Redemption Mobile, you will be able to upgrade your character, motorcycle, and weapons. Actually, the game is considered by some to be a direct successor of the Road Rash series, but other gamers think it's just an indie project.

Road Redemption Mobile might be hard at times. For example, if your health bar reaches 0, you have to start all over, at least that's what Steam reviews say. As for the mobile version, it will certainly have touch controls, that look a bit off — there are many buttons on the right side, that will make an average player mad. Subscribe to learn more.

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IOS, Android

Road Redemption Mobile

Released on Sep 28, 2022
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