Restaurant Renovation 2 is a Three-in-a-row game for Android

Restaurant Renovation 2 is available in Google Play in some countries.

Restaurant Renovation 2 is a mobile game about building a restaurant from the ground up. It's an arcade project with a heavy accent on “Three-in-a-row” part. Yes, you need to complete these puzzles to make some bakery products and receive stars to progress the story. The music is calming, and the text dialogues make you motivated. As for graphics in Restaurant Renovation 2, the picture is cartoony.

In this game, you choose how your restaurant will look like. You need to pick the right furniture, the colors on the wall and so on. If everything goes well, you will be awarded or the local reporters will want to take an interview.

Judging by the pictures of Restaurant Renovation 2, you can offer your place for weddings and have some pets like dogs or parrots. Of course, all of this is not that simple — you are only given 5 lives that recover after some time. Well, casual and young players will love this game, but fans of hardcore need to stay away. The game is available for Android in France and, perhaps, in a few other countries.

Google Play (France)

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Restaurant Renovation 2

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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