Respawn Kingdom gets inspiration from Team Fortress 2

Respawn Kingdom appeared on Google Play as an early version. You can play against bots or maybe with friends.

Respawn Kingdom is a team shooter with cowboy music in the background. Players can choose from 8 different characters that appear to be alternative versions from Team Fortress 2. Yes, you can pick a dwarf to install an auto-turret or sneak to your enemy as a goblin with invisibility.

The graphics in Respawn Kingdom are not that great, especially as this game is made with Unity. You will mostly play against bots in 1 mode, "Payload". There is a possibility of adding your friends via their nickname to play together, but you can't create a profile or register, and the names are selected randomly every time you play.

For every kill in Respawn Kingdom, you get XP to earn ranks for your profile. There is also equipment with different rarity. Another thing — getting crystals for leveling up your character. For example, your goblin will automatically become invisible after a clean backstab.

For now, Respawn Kingdom is in alpha testing, if the Google Play page is to be believed. We expect graphics improvements, multiplayer addition, and an iOS version.

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Respawn Kingdom

Released on Aug 15, 2022
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