Rainbow Six Mobile, a standalone team-based shooter from Ubisoft, has been announced

Ubisoft has shown a new mobile game, this time based on the Rainbow Six universe. It has been in development for three years now, and so far, the developers have been able to share a trailer.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a new word in team shooters for iOS and Android. Players will be divided into two teams – attackers and defenders. They will storm through windows, walls, blow something up or break something down. Of course, there will also be gadgets with video cameras. Judging by the trailer, fights will mostly take place indoors. The developers promise redesigned controls and interface for touchscreens.

In the coming weeks Ubisoft will launch the first alpha-test, it is necessary to register through the official website to participate. Quick rounds with a small dose of adrenaline will allow you to pass the time outside the original R6: Siege, only at this point there is fear for the bots and noobs, spoiling the mood. By the way, Montreal division of Ubisoft is responsible for the development of Rainbow Six Mobile.

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Android, IOS

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

Will be released in 2023
Oct 21, 2022

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