Rain World has been ported to Android, again

Rain World is a PC game that was launched in 2017. Since then, there have been many attempts to port this project to smartphones.

Rain World is a metroidvania where you play as a creature that has to face many obstacles on its own. There are times you have to eat or hide from enemies that constantly adapt to your play style. The game has this 16-bit feel to it with random-generated animation of the main character (now this is interesting) and locations.

So, this game has been ported to Android. It's not an official port, mind you, and you don't need additional files to download it, so some people might consider it piracy. This is why we'll only give the link to a Reddit post where user 'u/Longjumping_Style_97' has shared the news.

There have been many ports of Rain World on Android, but this one has nice touch controls, and it's working even on Android 13. However, if you're new to metroidvanias and platformers, or you've never completed a Dark Souls game — you might find Rain World a bit hard for you. You see, there's always this question, 'Where do I go?'. And if you want to travel to another biome, you need to have karma that gets deducted from you after dying.

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