Railroad Empire lets you build a railway network between cities

Railroad Empire came out on Android. You'll need to create roads for trains and carry passengers.

Railroad Empire is a mobile simulator that is available in Google Play. There's no information on the iOS version. The game sees you building one of the first railways that connects German cities like Hamburg. This will help people in it travel to another town for work, to their relatives, or just for travel.

Yes, you not only decide on where and how your railways will be built, but also on how many carriages your locomotive will carry. This has to do with maximum weight, maximum speed, and how much money you will get.

Your goal in Railroad Empire is to set up the railway network, launch new trains with steam engines, and become a railroad tycoon. If you don't like this kind of idea, there's not much this game has to offer — there is no multiplayer, but also no ads or in-game purchases. The graphics are not that great — the world map might remind you of Civilization IV, where you watch at the ants running around and doing their thing. But I don't remember a game that has the same features and can beat Railroad Empire, so give it a try.

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Railroad Empire

Released on Jun 28, 2022
2 days ago

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