Racing simulator Apex Racing is obviously not a Rush Rally alternative

Apex Racing is now available on iOS and Android. It brings manual control of a car, but it doesn't cross out other disadvantages.

Apex Racing is a mobile project that is available on iOS and Android; it can also be downloaded via TapTap. The game offers a variety of modes, including drifting and time attack. The devs have also added a global leaderboard for you to compete with players from all over the world. As for the cars, they are similar to the licensed and real models, only it's recommended to turn off the sound —the squeaks and buzzes of the engine will make your ears bleed.

Note that Apex Racing requires an Internet connection, and you will also be asked to create an account or just take a random car for a time-limited test drive. The developers promise that we will be able to tune and improve the cars, which will affect not only the maximum speed, but also the aerodynamic performance.

As for the online elements, apart from the chat with other players, there is nothing, so let's wait for the addition of multiplayer. But for now, you wanted to scratch that Rush Rally itch, it's not that type of game.

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IOS, Android

Apex Racing

Released on Apr 20, 2022
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