Punishing: Gray Raven receives a new update with S-rank construct

Players of Punishing: Gray Raven can enjoy a new story, coatings, events, and more.

Punishing: Gray Raven is an Action-RPG game that will get a better alternative, Wuthering Waves. But for now, fans of Kuro Game can dig into the latest update called 'Imprisoned Sight'. It brings a new S-rank construct called Chrome: Glory. He is the leader of the Strike Hawk Squad. Gamers will get to know more about him via an interlude. By the way, Glory is not the only construct you'll know more about. This means that the devs are adding to the title's deep visual novel-style narrative.

There will be not only challenges in the new chapter, but also a new boss, Hive Mother. Another gameplay feature the developers will add is called 'Blind Simulation'. It will be available on September 30th.

But that's not all — construct Glory arrives with a new event, Eden Festival. The devs will split 24 characters into 3 groups, your task is to vote for your favorite hero. This increases the change of getting various rewards, such as a coating pick supply pack, decor items, and more.

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Punishing: Gray Raven

Released on Jul 16, 2021
Sep 13, 2022

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