PUBG: New State and Among Us collab has arrived

One of your teammates in PUBG: New State is a traitor. Can you detect him before everyone's dead?

PUBG universe is no stranger to collabs with other popular IPs. We've seen the fight between Godzilla and King Kong, the arrival of our friendly neighbor Spider-Man. Now the time has come for Among Us. Teammates will be split up into Impostor and Crewmate teams. The first group needs to kill the other, while the second should complete missions while avoiding damage.

Unfortunately, the collab is for the “Waiting Island” with a few obstacles and hiding places. Other than that, you and your team are under the open sky. Moreover, don't forget to open thematic chests to get cosmetic rewards.

Among Us collab is not the only thing that the last update of PUBG: New State has to offer. Players can expect more weapons with unique attachments to make gameplay more chaotic and fun. There is also an "Erangel (Extreme)" mode for those that don't like waiting and grinding for necessary gear. There are some other improvements. Go check them out and return with a Chicken Dinner.

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IOS, Android

PUBG New State

Released on Nov 11, 2021
IOS, Android

Among Us

Released on Jul 25, 2018
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