Project X brings coop survival to the next level

Project X can be played on Android in China. There's a way for you to play it, too.

Project X is a mobile survival game that is available on Android; unfortunately, there's no word on the iOS version. Your goal is to team up with random gamers and find coal to give energy to a steam train. After everything's done, you sit in it and move to a nearby stop, the process continues.

Project X might not have PvP elements in it, at least you can't harm your fellow passengers. It would make no sense to the idea of the game — to get to the end of the map as quick as possible. It's great that there's the mystery fog coming after the Sun is down. Well, there might be monsters, but I can't say they are harmful. Even if they are, you can make a fireplace.

Project X has a simple, but interesting gameplay that will suck you in. Unfortunately, to play it outside of China, you need to set up your VPN to this country and enter a name and ID of a Chinese person from this table. This will lead to an unstable connection and high ping. So subscribe to find out when there will be a global release.

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IOS, Android

Project X

Will be released in 2023
Sep 13, 2022

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