Project RushB might replace you Counter-Strike and other mobile shooters

Project RushB has another beta test on Android. You can participate, too.

With every beta testing, Project RushB proves to be more and more appealing to gamers' eyes. It has even reached the levels of Standoff 2 and Call of Duty Mobile. There is another beta best going on, and our Android readers can play it, too. The devs have already added such features as tutorial that you can pass and still receive cool skins for your character.

The gameplay in Project RushB is spot on — the interface is smooth, and the game recommends you 3 kinds of buying strategies for each round. You know, if you want to go full in or prefer an eco-round in the beginning. As for the modes, there is the classic bomb defusing in the format of 5v5.

One of the interesting features of Project RushB is that instead of being just another soldier like in Counter-Strike, you're more of an Operator with his or her individual look and special abilities. This makes Project RushB look and play more like an alternative to Valorant Mobile. We are expecting an official release and the appearance of the iOS version, so subscribe, and we will notify you.

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Project RushB

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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