Project Racer puts GRID: Autosport to shame with its new soft launch

An early version of Project Racer is ready for Android gamers. It's one of the best racing simulators out there.

Project Racer is a mobile game with beautiful graphics that GRID: Autosport will surely notice. Even Wreckfest Mobile is still looking worse, and it's a PC port. Well, if you want to play Project Racer, you can do it on Android; there's no information on the iOS version. The picture might feel a bit 'grainy' on medium and budget smartphones, but the car models look astonishing.

In the beginning of Project Racer, you need to complete a tutorial. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial that will put many players off as the second everybody starts moving, your car is just sitting in one place. There are even some menu options, but you can't open those, only restart and quit the race.

As for the controls in Project Racer, it's on auto from the start. Well, you can turn left and right with your gyroscope, but gas and stop are on full autopilot. In this regard, Project Racer seems like a good alternative to Racing Master. It's the best game in the indie department, especially with sunlight reflections from the asphalt. Is it RTX in a mobile game?

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