Project: Island is going through the soft launch in the Phillippines

Project: Island can be downloaded on Android from any country. The game sees you surviving on a tropical island.

Project: Island is a mobile game that is available in Google Play in SEA. This is a survival type of game, where you choose an avatar and an island to dislocate. After that it all starts from scratch — you have basic tools to get wood, stone, and food.

Soon enough, you start building a foundation for your new house in Project: Island. The main goal is to survive, so you need to defend yourself against weather and other players. The graphics are too mobile for survival fans, so they might not find anything worthwhile. At least animations and UI are nice.

You can craft weapons and bullets in your house on working benches. Of course, if you want to learn more about the world and level up faster, you need to follow the strict tutorial. It's not hard, and you get additional materials for that.

There are no survivors nearby, maybe because it's an early version and the online is low, but the description for Project: Island says you need to be cautious about making friends and enemies in this game.

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Project: Island

Will be released in 2023
2 days ago

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