Pre-register for the next CBT of SD Gundam G Generation Eternal

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal will have a beta test on smartphones. You can pre-register via the official website.

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal is a mobile game where players collect robots and take them on somewhat turn-based fights. The graphics don't look great, but maybe the developers want to replicate the pre-mobile era of SD Gundam games. Well, they most certainly listen to your feedback and will make sure that the gameplay is OK and that you can assemble a squad with your favorite characters without a gacha.

So you know — there will be a gacha system in SD Gundam G Generation Eternal, this is how most of the anime series have been ported to smartphones. Also, the developers warn players of special events that often give you an opportunity to pull unique versions of heroes. But yes, most of the roaster can be obtained via non-gacha content.

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal gives players the opportunity to participate in various story scenarios without the stamina system. The developers understand most mobile anime gachas use that so that gamers hit a 'stamina wall' with the only option to wait. This won't be the case with the Generation Eternal.


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IOS, Android

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal

Will be released in 2023
Sep 13, 2022

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