PC Creator 2 will be released on Android, the iOS version will be out soon

PC Creator 2 is the game where you become the PC master, even on smartphones.

PC Creator 2 is a mobile game that will be released in Google Play across many countries on September 30th. The developers were hoping to launch the title both on iOS and Android, but due to Apple's strict rules about letting apps and games into App Store, they've decided to let the Android version be the first one.

PC Creator 2 is a simulator of a person who is responsible for building different PCs. This means he or she gets an order to replace something or get a new part of the PC, like GeForce GT 730. After that, the customer receives the computer and sends you XP and money.

Of course, you get to decide how much to spend on the PC build and how much to charge for your services. It means some customers will not be satisfied and will just walk away. Also, if you want to get your hands on new equipment, you need to attend different conferences.

There are more than 3 000 details in PC Creator 2. You can try the game for free and even learn how computers work. Unfortunately, there will be some parts you can or even need to buy with in-game purchases.

[Update on 08.30.2022] — The developers of PC Creator 2 have received a lot of negative feedback about the different release dates for iOS and Android versions. This means PC Creator 2 will be postponed on the second platform.

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