PAYDAY: Crime War will be soft-launched on Android

PAYDAY: Crime War developers have posted new information on the future of this game.

PAYDAY: Crime War is a multiplayer team shooter where players are split into cops and bandits. So far, the developers are trying to revive the project, and the next wave of testing will start in the next few weeks. So far, we know that the game will be available on Android in the Philippines. The iOS version will come later.

If the developers of PAYDAY: Crime War see the interest and stability in the feedback from testers, they will increase the number of countries for the soft launch. It might also bring the game faster to release. Also, we're waiting for a CBT of PAYDAY: Crime War this December.

You can look for more information in the official post. That's what the developers of PAYDAY: Crime War have to say about the upcoming events:

"Like our December PvP beta test, the content and feature set of this Early Access will be limited to ensure feedback remains focused. Over the coming months, new updates will introduce more content and features as the game is scaled up for a full worldwide release".
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IOS, Android

Payday: Crime War

Will be released in 2023
Dec 23, 2022

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