Path of Exile Mobile is still in development, but you should wait

Path of Exile Mobile can be played on ExileCon 2023. Bad news — it's in 1 year.

Grinding Gear Games has told fans of Path of Exile that the mobile version is still in development via a tweet. We will know the date of the first beta test during the ExileCon 2023, which will happen on July 29-30th in New Zealand. Moreover, participants will be able to test the game before anyone else. But so you know, this is in 1 year from now, and Diablo Immortal is already out.

Tickets for ExileCon 2023 will go on sale in 2 weeks from now, so it's the end of August. The only question we have is how bad the monetization system will be. There are many fans of PoE who say that Grinding Gear doesn't let its fan base down by making fair gameplay and throwing away any P2W mechanics.

The thing is that even Diablo became more reliant on P2W mechanics after its release in June. This is due to the fact that mobile games are made with the monetization system in mind before even starting the development process. We expect at least P2W-free story campaign and more tough PvP content.

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