Pandora: Survival City gives out Fallout Shelter vibes

Pandora: Survival City came out in Google Play in some SEA countries. You will survive in the Wasteland.

Pandora: Survival City is a mobile game with vertical gameplay. It has strategy elements, where you build out your city in the midst of nowhere, like other players. As the time passes, you will make a Walking House with citizens in it. This thing can attack other robots and monsters while scavenging for rare materials and supplies in the Wasteland. If you're a fan of Fallout Shelter, you will like the 2D rooms built near each other with habitants inside.

Fallout Shelter is available in Singapore on Android. It's an early version, so you can expect a build for iOS and release in other countries. As for the gameplay, it has idle elements with offline rewards. The Google Play page says there are no ads and in-game purchases, which is fine for early testers.

More advanced players of Pandora: Survival City will join each other in guilds and participate in coop adventures across the Wasteland, maybe even challenging others in a fight for territories and resources.

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Pandora: Survival City

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