Overlord's Odyssey is available in some countries on Android

Overlord's Odyssey appeared in Asian Google Play. There's no info on the iOS version.

Overlord's Odyssey is a mobile RPG with anime style. The game has vertical gameplay and story that unfolds via text dialogues. You will increase your army thanks to gacha system, but some units look a bit old — they have a small height and cartoony outlook that doesn't feel right with the overall setting.

Fights in Overlord's Odyssey are automatic, you only need to choose the perfect placing of your units and their level. At the start, you get a lot of gold and premium currency, other materials and resources can be obtained by winning. The world in this game is split into chapters and missions, with every new one becoming increasingly difficult.

In Overlord's Odyssey, you can create a new guild or join the existing one. Apart from that, you also have to collect legendary pets with the help of a local incubator. Your main goal is to rule cities, meet new heroes and manage affairs to increase your power and lead your kingdom to prosperity. Let's wait for updates that will bring more online features to this game.

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IOS, Android

Overlord's Odyssey

Will be released in 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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