Outerplane servers will be closed in 7 days

The early version of the mobile game Outerplane is available in Google Play in the Philippines and Canada.

Outerplane is a mobile game with RPG elements, where you assemble a team of 4 heroes and participate in turn-based fights against giant monsters. The beta can be played until September 9th, so you don't have a lot of time. As for the story, although the voice-overs are Japanese, the developers have added English subtitles. Actually, the plot is interesting, with betrayals and unexpected moments.

Heroes in Outerplane are split into rarity levels and elements. To level them up, you can complete story missions and get maximum of 3 stars. It's great that before the fight starts, you can look at what enemies you will face and what rewards you might get.

To make Android users more interested in the beta version of Outerplane, the developers are giving out rewards for the daily log-in. Also, there will be many exclusive beta events. Subscribe to learn about the official launch and the iOS version.

System requirements for Outerplane

  • Samsung Galaxy S10;
  • Android 9.0;
  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • 3 GB of internal memory.

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