Once Be Human — a strange survival game from NetEase Games

Once Be Human might be the strangest game on smartphones. But we need more than just a teaser.

Once Be Human is a game that might come out on smartphones. The publisher is NetEase Games, so we cross our fingers. During the NetEase Connect 2022, we were shown the short trailer. Viewers can see a woman singing a lullaby to something dark and terrifying. She has some kind of helmet, like she's a pilot or something, and might not see the baby, as if she's hypnotized. After a short period of singing, the thing escapes and grows larger, hitting the woman with one of its tentacles.

The trailer leaves much room for speculation, for example, “What happened to the woman?”. Maybe the monster controls her now, in other words, she might have become a host. Another version is that the thing became a humanoid and didn't need another body. Either way, all of this is quite terrifying.

We can't say if Once be Human will have cutting-edge graphics. If it's another survival game with RPG elements, then we can expect Unreal Engine 4. We also have a bit of information regarding the plot of this game. The year is 2052 and the humanity is nearly dead. You are one of the Hunters — humans with special abilities. Will you survive against the alien threat?

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Android, IOS

Once Be Human

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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