Omega Strikers is heading mobile thanks to the $19 million investment

Omega Strikers devs have got good news for the fans of this 3v3 sports game.

Omega Strikers is a cross-platform game that's going through an open beta on PC. The response from gamers was so good that the devs have prepared a warm letter to everyone. They are going big for a small independent studio, promising to release Omega Strikers in February 2023. It will be a full-fledged launch on PC, iOS, Android, and consoles.

All of this is thanks to the $19M investment in the Series A round. The cross-play will be enabled from the get-go, which raises a question, 'Will PC and console players have an upper hand in PvP?'. Well, there is no answer to that right now as we don't have the early version of Omega Strikers, but we are promised great touch controls.

Right now, the Omega Strikers developers will focus on making the game more enjoyable with friends, adding more characters and content along the way. As for the PC gamers, they should wait for the new Halloween event next week. There won't be a lot of content after that, so that developers can take their time.

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IOS, Android

Omega Strikers

Will be released in 2023
Dec 23, 2022

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