NOS: NEW NATION is something Need for Speed fans are craving for

NOS: NEW NATION might be an alternative to Most Wanted. Yes, this is that good.

After the announcement of CarX Street, mobile gamers are waiting for the revival of racing genre on mobile. Well, you can try out the Android version of NOS: NEW NATION. It has an open world, although a small one. You can drive freely on the roads, while avoiding the traffic. Judging by the gameplay video, it's a question of what to do in this game apart from just driving around.

The world of NOS: NEW NATION might remind you of Need for Speed Most Wanted, one of the best parts in the series. Although there is no damage system no matter how hard you hit obstacles, and you can drive through some of them without even stopping.

Although NOS: NEW NATION is a mobile project, the controls are manual, meaning you have to control the car yourself. The developers say they add monthly updates, with the last one published last July. The game has been around for quite a while, so we're waiting for the iOS version. If the description is to be believed, players can interact in this game; maybe there's an online mode? Download NOS: NEW NATION and try it out yourself.

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Released on Aug 24, 2022
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