Noah's Heart launched in China, it's another alternative for Genshin Impact

Publisher Tencent Mobile brought MMO Noah's Heart to App Store and Google Play. It has open world, quests and boss fights.

Noah's Heart is a mobile game that has a potential to overthrow Genshin Impact. Now it is available on iOS and Android in China, but we also wait for the news about global beta test. The fact is that even in the Chinese version the interface is partially translated into English, and on the official website applications for the global CBT are closed. This means that we have to wait just a little longer.

At the time of writing this article, Noah's Heart ranks first in the App Store among adventure games. The developers offer a non-linear gameplay experience, freedom to level up the hero and an open combat system with no class restrictions. Apparently, it all depends on what kind of weapon you're holding in your hands.

Moreover, Noah's Heart lets you explore the world around you, even the smallest parts of it like distant trees and grass. And thanks to a few gadgets you would be able to climb high cliffs and trees as occasionally, there are many treasures.


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Android, IOS

Noah's Heart

Released on Jul 28, 2022