Niffelheim: Vikings Survival has launched on smartphones

Niffelheim: Vikings Survival is 'Terraria meets Kingdom' in a fantasy setting.

Niffelheim: Vikings Survival is now available on iOS and Android. This game tells a story of vikings who had to survive in a very harsh terrain. The graphics a hand-drawn, and the animations are not as smooth as in most other mobile games, but you can play Niffelheim for free, or pay for it.

In Niffelheim: Vikings Survival, you need to go out of your house, gather food, wood, and kill enemies. In the beginning, you get to choose 1 out of 4 vikings, each of them has unique traits and attributes. There are even dungeons you can go in on your 1st day, but nothing more than spiders with their meat to take.

The main goal in Niffelheim: Vikings Survival is to find all the pieces of the portal to Asgard. But there are enemies standing in your way. But it's not a hack-and-slash type of game, instead — you need to carefully plan your day and bring materials back to craft something new.

As for the controls in the mobile version of Niffelheim: Vikings Survival, they are decent. The developers have added a text tutorial, which is nice, but with so many action-buttons on the smartphone screen, you still have to test everything. As for online elements, there are none — you get a single-player experience.

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Niffelheim: Vikings Survival

Released on Sep 27, 2022
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