NetEase showed 3 more characters from Mission Zero

The ultimate mobile alternative to Hitman will have 2 factions. The devs have showed 3 of 8 characters from Mobius clan.

Mission Zero is a coop game on iOS and Android where you take a side of intruders or hunters in 2v4 matches. The project will have a technical test on July 8th; we don't know, how much it will last, what platforms will be available, and so on. We might guess it's an Android-only test in Asian countries.

Still, NetEase Games has shown us 3 out of 8 characters from Mobius clan. The first one is Aya, she knocks enemies with her club, makes a leap and deals damage to everybody that stands in her way, or increases the attack or knock back effects.

Next on our list is Gabriel — the ultimate beast that throws a chain into the enemies like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. If he finds the target this way, then the cooldown for other skills is reduced; knocking down the enemy will refresh the skills. Another thing Gabriel can do is turn on a power shield that reduces damage taken, but doesn't slow down the movement speed.

Speaking of speed — the third and last character we're going to talk about is Vanessa. She's a support that runs faster to a nearby ally, joins herself with him by an energy chain, or teleports. All these skills grant buffs to her side and debuffs to her enemies.

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IOS, Android

Mission Zero

Will be released in 2022
Sep 13, 2022

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