NBA Clash is ready to play in SEA on both mobile platforms

NBA Clash is an arcade version of basketball. You can play it now.

NBA Clash is a sports game for smartphones from Nifty Games publisher. According to App Store, it's the debut game from them. And judging by gameplay trailers, it has been around at least since 2021. Well, right now you can play NBA Clash in Southeastern Asia on iOS and Android. There isn't much gameplay — it's vertical, and basketball players do almost everything automatically; you just have to choose an ability or action during key moments of a match.

The main goal in NBA Clash is to collect rare cards with famous players that were updated for the 2021-2022 roster. You need to challenge live players in real-time PvP if you want to rise to the top. But everybody needs to farm materials in this F2P game, so there are daily challenges, events, and Season campaigns.

Matches in NBA Clash are very arcade — you only have 3v3 format, and the matches are quick to end. Of course, you get new cards, coins, and materials from lootboxes. And by winning, you get crowns that get you to the top of the leaderboard.

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NBA Clash

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