Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile gameplay revealed, it looks awesome

Publisher NetEase Games has shared a new trailer about Naraka: Bladepoint and its mobile version.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a battle royale for PC, but the devs are making the mobile version. Until yesterday, we haven't seen much of the gameplay footage, but since NetEase Connect 2022 everything's changed. It's a separate version that will soon enter CBT, at least that's what NetEase promises. By the way, put your timestamp to 3:17 if you want to see the mobile gameplay.

As we can see, players will be able to perform difficult combos, use spells or dodge direct attacks from big monsters. If this is not enough, you can send your enemy in the air or shoot with a bow from a top position. The devs say they had to develop Naraka: Bladepoint from the ground up, so it feels natural in terms of controls and UI on smartphones. And let me tell you, it really feels like the best UI in battle royale on iOS and Android so far.

Let's speculate a bit more — on the video, we can see that some weapons have different rarity. For example, a bow on 3:33 has an orange background, while a pistol on 3:21 is gray. Apart from this, players can expect voice and text chats, emoji and the ability to set coordinates for your teammates. But don't spend too much time on this — the clock is ticking and if the timer runs out, the match is over.

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IOS, Android

Naraka: Bladepoint mobile

Will be released in 2022
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