Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break launch date and pig screams are drawing near

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is to come out on iOS and Android on July 15th. Now you can pre-register to get a reward.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is a mobile horror game where you try to survive in a blood-filled prison. As the plot goes, many previous victims of Mr. Meat came together to see how he dies on an electric chair. Well, it didn't go as planned — Mr Meat easily escapes, and now he wants to finish what he had started.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break will come out on July 15th on iOS and Android. Some players believe that the pig screams we hear at the end are those of the victims, or at least some of them. You see, in the middle of this trailer they are given a red drink that looks suspicious, as the person that gives it out. Maybe there was something in it?

You can pre-register for Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break to get an exclusive reward. As we know from the previous Keplerians' titles, it can be a key that opens up a special door or a chest with a unique prize. Well, as for the gameplay, we haven't seen it yet, but the graphics are not as good as you'd wish. Even in the trailer with good animations, Mr Meat — the main villain — has this white undershirt that is the same texture as his body.

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Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

Released on Jul 16, 2022
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