Monster Loves You Too brings out good things even in monsters

Monster Loves You Too will come out on iOS in December. Let's watch and analyze the trailer.

Monster Loves You Too is an unusual game where you take on a role of a small monster without food and shelter. You need to survive in this cruel world, filled with other monsters, too. And it's up to you whether to be kind and bring happiness to this world, or be like others, cheating, lying, and even killing.

Monster Loves You Too is mostly a visual novel with you deciding what to do — stand for others and lose your flesh points or take a coward way out. As the time goes by, you will see the results of your actions, and grow into a huge monster.

Developers of Monster Loves You Too say it takes around 10 hours to beat this game. We think that with all the choices presented to players, it's possible you can replay the story, and it will even add more time to the money you spend. Yes, we expect Monster Loves You Too to be a premium game.

It's a shame that you won't always have enough points to do good things or even stand up for yourself. Monster Loves You Too is all about getting the best out of the worst situation.

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Monster Loves You Too

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