Mobile game Fight to the Dark goes to China on September 29th

Fight to the Dark can be pre-downloaded for Android smartphones.

Fight to the Dark is a mobile RPG where players protect a Medieval fantasy continent from the Darkness. The devs say that it's a strategystrategy card game, and they are not wrong — you have to collect various anime waifus that come in the form of cards. Also, you need to level them up and put into right positions before battles start.

Fight to the Dark will be out in China tomorrow, on September 29th. Unfortunately, there's no information on the iOS version. Players should expect a few modes, like Kingdom Tunnels, Fear Tower, and so on. And if they want to win constantly, they have to forge new gear in the blacksmith shop.

Characters in Fight to the Dark are split into 3 races: humans, beasts, and demons. Active skills and additional attributes depend on this characteristic. Also, there are 6 professions or classes, some of them are warrior, mage, archer, rogue, and paladin. Moreover, you need to be on the lookout for specific race coins, so that you can upgrade each hero.

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