Mobile game Boom Army brings pixels and rhythm together

Boom Army is available on Android in China. There is a straightforward gameplay.

Boom Army is a mobile strategy game with a beta testing on Android; there is no information on the iOS version. Your goal is to collect a deck of heroes so that you can use them later in PvP battles. They are solo fights where you and your opponent summon cards by spending energy that gets refilled over time. The main objective is to destroy your enemy's tower before he or she does.

One of the interesting features of Boom Army is that all the units hit according to the rhythm of the background music. And don't think that the fights are arcade — even though you don't control your heroes directly, you still need to place them according to the tactics — archers in the back, swordsmen in the front.

Of course, if you want to get more powerful units in Boom Army, you need to summon them via a gacha system. If the video we've provided is to be believed, there are 10 free pulls. As for the testing of Boom Army, it will end on August 20th with all your progress deleted after the servers are closed. Some Boom Army testers criticize the game for its simple tutorial and uncertain winning conditions, like you can get an enemy that spawns units almost every second.

How to set up Boom Army

  1. Install the game;
  2. Agree to the Terms & Conditions, choose a quick sign up;
  3. Agree to the Terms once again, enter a preferred name and password combination;
  4. Go to the phone number verification page and restart the game;
  5. Open the game and enter the name and ID of a Chinese person;
  6. Sign up is complete, you're in the main lobby.
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IOS, Android

Boom Army

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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