MMORPG Super Explorer went straight to Android phones in Hong Kong

Super Explorer is available in Google Play for you, but be ready for hieroglyphs.

Super Explorer is an RPG with isometric camera where you choose one out of three classes: gunslinger, swordsman, or exploder. From the git-go, you are presented with auto-questing and leveling up via increasing the overall strength level. If you like franchises like Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, this is a perfect game — there are QTE-moments, ancient curses, wall-climbing, and running from big boulders.

Right now, Super Explorer is available on Android in Hong Kong. There's no word on the iOS version or global release. It should be noted that if you download the game, there is a guest account option. Apart from pyramids, players will travel through ancient ruins of Maya civilization, Babylon, and even Atlantis.

The first thing to do in Super Explorer is to find the treasure map. Try to find a pet after this, they are unique to each of the biomes in the game. These helpers can give you buffs and increase your stats. The only thing that's bad about this game is an outdated graphics.

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Super Explorer

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