MMORPG R2M launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao

MMORPG R2M got a release in 3 more Asian countries, with 5 new servers to support new players.

R2M is a mobile MMORPG that has this retro design to it. The graphics and the isometric gameplay might feel familiar to Lineage fans. R2M is available in 3 countries — Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. Don't expect English localization because of that, but there are 5 new servers to level up without whales and veterans of the game.

R2M gives out rewards for every step, it also has a simple UI that you don't normally expect from Asian MMORPGs. Another good thing about this game is the epic soundtrack. There are 4 classic classes — knight, archer, mage, and rogue. If you like to interact with other people, there is the free trade of items you find during adventures.

As R2M is a mobile project, there is the synthesis system of pets and items to get a better version. And even if you're unlucky, there's always the pity system to fall on. Unfortunately, there's no word on the global version. Maybe it's for the better — the whole world can play Lineage W for now.

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Will be released in 2022
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