MMORPG Never After (Tales Noir) has entered CBT in Asia

Never After (Tales Noir) can be downloaded on Android. If you're on iOS, you need to wait until June.

Never After (Tales Noir) is a mobile game with Disney princesses as noir characters. Well, at least that's what some arts tell. When you enter the game (CBT on Android), it looks nothing like it. There are 5 classes with possible gender change.

The game brings funny cut-scenes and simple controls, like in Black Desert Mobile. The story has princesses and princes that try to protect girls from enemies and bosses. And all of this in the medieval fantasy setting, where you also go into dark dungeons and fight with goblins.

Beta test for Never After (Tales Noir) on Android will end on 27th May. If you're waiting for the official release, it will happen on 20th June. It's great you can use mounts to traverse the locations, although there is no open world. Your main goal is to level up the overall strength level. This is done by leveling up and getting better equipment. By the way, there are 5 classes in Never After (Tales Noir) — warrior, hunter, mage, rogue, and a musician.

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Released on Jul 8, 2022
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