MMORPG Naruto: SlugfestX is so low quality even fans won't play it

Naruto: SlugfestX can be downloaded on Android in Germany and maybe some other countries. You can play it, too.

Naruto: SlugfestX is a mobile MMORPG with bad animations and low resolution models, especially of buildings and mountains. Fans of the anime will see familiar faces with story cutscenes and voiced dialogues. There are even some moments from the original series.

Naruto: SlugfestX is available in Google Play in some regions, but there's no information on the iOS version. It's sad that you can play Naruto and other players, too, although there's no visual difference between you. Well, the battle system is in real time, and you can't put in on auto-mode, but if you have a bad Internet connection, your character, and enemies will stutter.

The devs of Naruto: SlugfestX promise clan system with massive PvP battles where 1 000 players can participate. And if the description is to be believed, your alliance can take territories and fight for their control. The PvP aspects should be fair, particularly because this game doesn't have any in-game purchases (as per Google Play). Subscribe to learn when the global version of Naruto: SlugfestX will be out.

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IOS, Android

Naruto: Slugfest X

Will be released in 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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