MMORPG MIR M welcomes beta testers in South Korea

Publisher Wemade opened up servers of MIR M. It might have crypto at some point.

MIR M is a new MMORPG for iOS and Android. Both platforms have received the beta version, but only in South Korea. You can choose between different classes and customize them. The graphics are great, even with the isometric perspective. Players will explore dark dungeons and fight giant monsters for new gear.

As for the setting, it's a mix of Medieval fantasy and Scandinavian themes. For now, you can pre-downloaded the beta version and wait until tomorrow. The servers will be closed on 22nd May. The release date might be 19th July as per the App Store page.

One of the resources in MIR M is the black iron, which is used for upgrading your character. In MIR 4, it's a currency you can exchange for crypto and then turn it into profit. Yeah, you need to mine it, although we're unsure if the Asian version of MIR M will have the NFT elements. We just have to wait for the global release because the devs say the content in beta version is not final. The only thing we know about black iron is that one can take control over lands with it and become the master of this material.

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IOS, Android

MIR M: Vanguard & Vagabond

Will be released in 2022
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