MMORPG HIT 2 received PC and cinematic trailers

HIT 2 will be launched this year. Right now, there are only trailers with graphics and world demonstration.

HIT 2 is a cross-platform MMORPG that will be released on iOS, Android, and PC in 2022. We're talking about South Korean version, the global release is yet to be announced. Players will get to see the vast open world with many biomes. Pre-registration with prizes begins on June 30th, as for now, we can look at the game in the trailers. The first one shows a small elf character, probably a mage, running through territories, filled with enemies and garrisons.

There will be many factions in HIT 2, you might have to increase reputation with them to get rare and valuable items. Some players think this game reminds them of another mobile MMORPG called Project V4. Although the graphics are better, it doesn't change the fact some enemy models are the same.

Nonetheless, players are to expect massive PvP guild battles in HIT 2. And don't forget about raids on gigantic wyverns with at least 19 other heroes. They will choose a distinct role in the group. Apart from that, the devs promise a high level of authority to set the rules in the game.

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IOS, Android


Will be released in 2022
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