MMORPG Flying Immortals has low graphics, nice gameplay, and good level design

An early version of Flying Immortals is available in three countries. You can play it on Android.


Flying Immortals is a mobile MMORPG with players taking a role of the protector of civilians from monsters. The game is available on Android in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao; there's no information on the global release and the iOS version. Your main goal is to increase the strength of your character by completing quests and defeating huge bosses.

Flying Immortals has an isometric gameplay and low-level graphics, but it can be played on budget smartphones, and the level of details and special effects make it seems like a semi-good project. Of course, there are auto-features and some audio clips missing during intense combat, but this should be expected.

In Flying Immortals, you can create a clan and go deep into dungeons or summon friends to fight raid bosses. Unfortunately, there's no open world, as the locations are split into different regions, depending on how high your level is.

If I'm not mistaking, some of the sounds in Flying Immortals were taken from World of Warcraft.

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Flying Immortals

Will be released in 2022
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