MMORPG Dynasty Legends 2 has some console-level graphics

Dynasty Legends 2 is the kind of MMORPG you've always dreamt about.

Dynasty Legends 2 came out on smartphones and the devs seem to have poured their soul into this project. It's a mobile MMORPG with a big town that takes on a role of your HQ. You take some quests and move to big locations with vertical gameplay, meaning you go down or up via stairs, etc.

You need to summon rare generals to always win, but let me tell you this — the voice-overs are great, and the graphics are like on PlayStation 3 or even PlayStation 4. Furthermore, you can even ride a horse and slash your enemies from its saddle or sit in a catapult and fire at enemies during a siege.

Dynasty Legends 2 is available on iOS and Android around the world. The game has story-related cutscenes without using CGI — it doesn't need those, the lightning, the shadows, and the models of characters are all nice-looking. The fights with long combos and big damage to enemy with just one hit might remind you of Dynasty Warriors franchise. And the boss battles in 1v1 format are the real nod to Elden Ring. Apart from that, the devs have added PvP battles for 120 players.

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Dynasty Legends 2

Released on Jun 15, 2022
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