MMORPG Bless Eternal releases in South Korea

Bless Eternal came out in App Store and Google Play. You can go auto-questing and defeating big bosses.

Bless Eternal is a mobile MMORPG that has been launched in South Korea. Unfortunately, there's no word on the global version. You can play as an archer, paladin, druid, or a barbarian. Some of them tank, heal, or deal damage, so all of these classes are welcome in parties. It's a shame there's no English translation, so it will be hard to understand the plot and quests.

It's good that for such a game as Bless Eternal, the developers implemented dynamic download during gameplay. Your main goal is to increase the overall strength power. If the description is to be believed, there will be big raids. And a cute thing — your character can have a pet like a small kitten or a duckling.

The Chinese version of Bless Eternal has already got a new team dungeon for 108 level — Jungle Ruins. Also, high-level players will be able to unlock cross-server PvP on new locations and get expensive materials there.

Bless Eternal devs have added a Pokédex where you put images of monsters and dungeons to increase your overall stats.

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Bless Eternal

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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