MMO Never After released on smartphones in Asia

Publisher NetEase Games has brought Never After to Southeast Asia. It's an official launch there.

Never After is a mobile MMO that has entered Asian market. You can choose 1 class out of 5 — a swordsman, archer, mage, rogue, or musician. You can edit the avatar's appearance, but don't expect a level of detail like in The Sims franchise. The characters are made with the anime style, the gameplay is isometric and there's the auto-questing option on beautiful and sunny locations.

Never After is available on iOS and Android in Southeast Asia. The global release is scheduled on July 12th, the information was taken from App Store. The players will need to upgrade their characters, select the appropriate skill trees and collect more than 100 princesses and princes from different fairy tales. The devs also promise a beautiful open world with 20 random dungeons and daily events.

As of now, Never After has got the 1st place in App Store in the Adventure category. For those who can't wait, there are log-in rewards for the first 8 days. The best players will be able to form a clan and face challenges together.

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