MMO Moonlight Blade Mobile has ultra graphics like in Heavy Rain

Publisher Tencent Mobile has opened pre-downloading for Moonlight Blade Mobile. This is a beautiful game.

Moonlight Blade Mobile is the real Sims simulator. When you create a character, he or she looks like a creation of Quantic Dream studio. You see, the face and the overall body are made with realistic style, even if it has a small touch of anime. You can play with face options and create a real you or somebody you secretly love.

Mobile specs have gone up in previous years, so while creating your hero, you can enable rain and watch how those drops fall down from his or her the face. But let's get back to business — Moonlight Blade Mobile will be out tomorrow on June 24th on iOS and Android, but only in South Korea. Unfortunately, there's no information about global release.

It's great to see that the devs of Moonlight Blade Mobile have put their heart into locations — while fighting, you can cut bamboo trees and watch as the rain creates puddles. Another good thing — you control your waifu manually, at least during the first hours of gameplay. And as this is a mobile MMO, expect to buy some nice-looking outfit to walk around the city in it or even go raiding.

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Moonlight Blade Mobile

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