MMO Honor of Heirs welcomes beta testers with Android smartphones

Publisher X-Legend Entertainment started testing servers for Honor of Heirs.

Honor of Heirs is a mobile MMO where you can choose 1 out of 3 classes — a warrior, archer, or mage. You might want to customize your character, the overall aesthetics and level of details is close to Black Desert Mobile. The devs have added story cutscenes and text dialogues that are not voiced, which is unfortunate. The project boasts good graphics, on ultra settings it even looks like a console game.

Honor of Heirs tells a story about the King Arthur with some fantasy reservations and anime characters. Already during the first level, our hero takes out the Excalibur sword from a stone, getting some nice-looking wings to fly with. Even Link from The Legend of Zelda can't do that.

Beta test for Honor of Heirs will continue until June 28th, your progress might not be saved. So, for now, you can upgrade your character and even create a knight's order. By the way, it's great that the game doesn't put auto-features in your face, instead you manually control your hero.

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IOS, Android

Honor of Heirs

Will be released in 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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