MMO Dark Eden: Blood War brings vampires and Lineage together

Dark Eden: Blood War came out on iOS and Android in South Korea. You can play it, too.

Dark Eden: Blood War is a mobile MMORPG where you choose 1 out of 6 classes. They are all focused on dealing massive damage, meaning there are no tanks or healers. The dialogues are made in the visual novel style without nice CGI cutscenes. And if you don't know Korean language, it will be hard to understand anything.

After the gameplay starts, you are greeted by some NPCs on a graveyard. Your goal is to kill ghosts and monsters, with auto-questing enabled from the start. The isometric gameplay with simple animations make you believe it's the original Lineage all over again.

For leveling up heroes in Dark Eden: Blood War, you increase the overall strength level, and get rare equipment and gold. You can see in the gameplay video that there's a VIP status that brings cool buffs, but usually breaks PvP.

Dark Eden: Blood War looks like other Korean MMORPGs. There might be even guilds and massive PvP. We're waiting for the global release that might have NFTs and crypto in it.

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IOS, Android

Dark Eden: Blood War

Will be released in 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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