MMO Cross Gate: Traveler has the same art style as in The Legend of Zelda

Cross Gate: Traveler came out on smartphones in China. The game has the identical style to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Cross Gate: Traveler is a mobile MMO that you can play on iOS and Android. The game has been launched in China, and there's no word on the global release. Gamers can choose 1 out of 5 classes, although you can't change their outlook, and the name is randomly chosen. Apart from it, Cross Gate: Traveler has nice graphics and a lot of players on a server. Another good thing about it is that part of the plot is told via cutscenes.

Cross Gate: Traveler has turn-based fights that feel the same as in the classic Pokémon games on Nintendo DS; there are even the similar sound effects. It should be noted that to play Cross Gate: Traveler you need to go through a quick registration (we provide an instruction for that) or to use WeChat, a Chinese messenger.

How to install Cross Gate: Traveler?

  1. Accept the Terms & Conditions, choose a quick registration;
  2. This is a window with randomly generated data;
  3. Fill in the name and ID of a Chinese person;
  4. Sign up is successful, you're in the main lobby.

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IOS, Android

Cross Gate: Traveler

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